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Semblance, the sequel to Ellipsis, is now available in electronic formats and paperback.

Buy it on Amazon.co.uk  and other country sites (Amazon.com, Amazon.fr, Amazon.jp etc)

Buy the Kindle version

Buy other electronic formats (epub, rtf, pdf, palm doc, plain text, online reading etc) at Smashwords.

More about Semblance:

In this thrilling sequel to Ellipsis, Richard Mansen embarks on a desperate search for his missing cousin, Thom. Whilst Alice attempts to rebuild her life, she is haunted by Richard's suspicion and the secret that Thom has taken with him.

As both Alice and Richard struggle with conflicting emotions of loss, love, and acceptance; they are hurtled towards a dramatic conclusion that neither of them can escape.

The only question left is who will survive when the truth is finally revealed?

From the writer of psychological thriller, Ellipsis, comes its electrifying climax.

If you still haven't read Ellipsis, read more about it HERE!


A review of Ellipsis and Semblance on Noir Journal 

'Semblance will have great appeal to readers who love to delve into psychological character studies of abnormal minds.' (Noir Journal)

On Amazon.co.uk

'Dudley's intense characters remain powerfully vivid and the plot races along at a terrific pace.' (Amazon review)

'Semblance offers the most exciting closure that you might have been waiting for from Ellipsis.' (Amzon review)

North London Reading Group - interview about self-publishing

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