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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Come and see me at The Blackpool Illuminations!

Hi everyone!

I really need to get back to keeping my blog up to date! In the long break since I last wrote on here, I've been quite busy writing various things, working as a teacher, being pregnant and finally, looking after my 7.5 month old!

Now though, there is some exciting news that has prompted me back online!

Myself, and nine other poets (who I will list below), are being featured in the Blackpool Illuminations this year! The event takes place between early September and early November.

The poets included are my good self, Steve Willey, Helen Ivory, Bruno Neiva (who has previously appeared in STREETCAKE), Wendy Heath, Rob Burton, Eileen Tabios, Jesse Glass and Ira Lightman.

The poem of mine featured is called 'Ctrl+Z' and can be found in the photographs below - as can be seen at the Illuminations. Obviously, it will look ever better at night.

You can read more about the illuminations HERE

A big special thanks to Alec Newman of Knives, Forks and Spoons Press and the Arts Council for making this possible!

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