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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Project Tsunami blog

Hello all,

I have started a new blog dedictaed to my new teen / young adult novel, Project Tsunami. On the blog, there is going to be:

-Information about the novel
-A trailer about the novel
-Preview chapters

Here is the address: http://projecttsunami.wordpress.com/

And the blurb for the Project Tsunami:

What happens when society can’t fulfill the needs of the population? Project Tsunami.

Mati Hunter is sixteen in 2074 when she is conscripted as support staff for World War Four. Sent halfway across the world to Australia, she and her friends, Hiro and Jo, desperately try to survive in Sydney. Yet they quickly realise they are more than just ‘support staff’ and it isn’t long before they start to suspect something isn’t quite right. Why have they been given such limited resources? Why is there no one to support them if they need help? And why do the natural resources they have been sent to protect look virtually undamaged?

The answer comes after a run-in with the cold-hearted Colonel Wilson; they’ve been sent to Australia to die. They’re being sacrificed for ‘the greater good’. However, Mati and her friends aren’t willing to die that easily. Instead, they start a counter-war and Mati becomes increasingly important in a growing army of rebels.

The first in a three-part trilogy, Project Tsunami is the beginning of an epic battle to stay alive, in a world that has already signed their death certificates.


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