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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Six of my poems published by Walking Is Still Honest

Jeremiah Walton, who runs Nostrovia! Poetry, has published six of my poems as a 'Jog' on his new presses website, Walking Is Still Honest.

Do give it a visit, for my poetry and others!


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Two new poems

Hello all,

Sorry I've been a bit quiet for a while. I've been working on my young adult novel lots and gathering lots of feedback. More info on this to follow. But for now, here are two recent poems to keep you entertained. I hope you enjoy them x


Don't dye
yourself that colour, that grey cloud
where I can't find you.
Thunder and light ending have been
on the horror eye son for months and
months have been taunting.
Closer and Closer in the mirror like a crash chasing
me as I drive us
to someplace I don't know, back
in your brain, the tissue con tauts.
-Remember- where we need
to go to gather ourselves.
Don't die I tell you but the blood pores over you
like a lover. Stop the car


You remember how
once i knew i was new but not today.
Now i'm a shield of a per se, per-son-al-ly
I think
nothing will be better in the mourn innit.
Don't tell lies to ease ease ease me
like oil, i see them on the whites of
your eyes i can't trust
enough things. Won't make this bet her a pound to see if
she will come back if she could
but nothing will be better.
You remember                                 how i knew her
and you did too you did but now the oil stains


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