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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Hello everyone!

This is the official announcement that Semblance, the electrifying sequel to my psychological thriller Ellipsis, is now available to purchase!

Below is the information about Semblance:

In this thrilling sequel to Ellipsis, Richard Mansen embarks on a desperate search for his missing cousin, Thom. Whilst Alice attempts to rebuild her life, she is haunted by Richard's suspicion and the secret that Thom has taken with him.

As both Alice and Richard struggle with conflicting emotions of loss, love, and acceptance; they are hurtled towards a dramatic conclusion that neither of them can escape.

The only question left is who will survive when the truth is finally revealed?

From the writer of psychological thriller, Ellipsis, comes its electrifying climax.

You can purchase Semblance in electronic formats at these locations:

For the Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/d6hxqfw (Most Amazon sites will carry it so if you are not from the UK, please search on the relevant site, e.g. Amazon.com, Amzon.fr)

All other electronic formats and file types:

For all other file types (epub, pdf, palm doc, rtf, plain text, and online reading), please visit Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/c4936vc

Within the next few weeks, you will also be able to buy the ebook from these distributors directly (such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, WH Smiths etc)

Until the 16th of November, use this coupon code at Smashwords for a 15% discount at checkout: LZ32X

For a paperback copy of the book (Amazon), please visit:

http://tinyurl.com/cee7s8q (For UK version. Also available on most Amazon country sites)

Thanks to my friends and family for their amazing support - I couldn't have done it without you! (See acknowledgements for special thanks!)

I hope you all enjoy reading Semblance.

Nikki x

If you are yet to read Ellipsis, you can buy it from all major outlets online and www.sparklingbooks.com

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