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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Someone's in the House (Samuel Bonner) review

Someone's in the House is my first adventure into horror fiction since I was a teenager and read things like Point Horror. The good news is, I really 'enjoyed' my first journey back into it. As much as you can enjoy being unnerved and a little frightened of turning off the light at bedtime...

This book follows the story of Rita, a young woman trying to escape her drug-addicted boyfriend and keep her child safe in the meantime. A chance encounter with an old friend, Vicram means a change of fortune for Rita. Or so she believes... What at first seems like a great opportunity to move on and start a new life soon becomes a living nightmare, which hurtles us towards a devastating and chilling end.

I have to say, I didn't love Rita at first. Yet after a few chapters, I started enjoying her voice a lot more. I particularly liked her son, Luke, and the moments between them. It felt quite authentic. I enjoyed too, Rita's relationship with Vicram. This is why I particularly liked this book - I cared about the characters as well. It didn't feel like they were just there to be tortured and destroyed, although perhaps in a horror book, you can't expect things to end well. 

The tension in the novel was built up well. Starting with noises and small sightings, this book soon became more frightening. I liked the small incidents which slowly added to a catalogue of terrifying events, keeping both the characters and readers on tenterhooks. I wasn't quite sure where the story was headed, whether the incidents were supernatural, imagined or real. What came in the end was a shocking confrontation that didn't pull any punches. 

Those of a nervous disposition may find this novel, particularly the ending, too much to bear. To give you a hint, there is a lot of graphic violence, including some sexual violence. I won't ruin it for those of you who bay for blood though... Personally, although the violence was a little shocking initially, I found myself unable to stop reading. Once I got to a certain point, all of my other priorities got pushed back. I had to know how it ended and if you find yourself salivating over a bit of horror, you might just feel the same.

If you like suspense and a well-crafted novel which leaves you feeling a little chilled to the bone, this is the novel for you. Although if you hide behind your hands throughout gory horror movies, you might find it a little more difficult to swallow.

Thanks a lot to Samuel for the review copy. I shall be looking up his debut novel, Playground.  Find out more about Samuel and his work on his website: http://www.samuelbonner.co.uk/


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