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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Novel number 2 - the state of play

Hello all,

I will be posting some book reviews soon but for now, just a hello from me.

Novel number 2, also known as Semblance is now complete. I have gone through and picked out the annoying things I do without realising, for example writing a lot of 'as though' and 'as if' etc. There is also a strong time line in this novel so I have had to check all of it is as accurate as it can be but this may still need work...

I think I found Semblance almost harder to write than my debut, Ellipsis. As Semblance is a sequel, I am worried how people will respond to the characters. One is also the first person narrator in the first novel, so that's not so much of an issue. It's the second character, Richard, who appears in the third person narration, that worries me. As he appeared in Ellipsis as a more minor character, it's hard to know what people will think of him stepping up to a more major part in the sequel.

I have given Semblance to my first reader and await feedback. Once plot inconsistencies or any overall comments are dealt with, I can then get down to the proper editing. I am thinking of enlisting friends who work in editing or potentially a freelance editor. This is yet to be decided...

Now I have finished my second novel, I've found an idea playing on my mind for a while coming to the forefront of my mind. Novel number 3 looks set to begin soon. The problem is I'm such a perfectionist that I want the beginning to come to me straight away when in fact it's best if I just start writing and refine it later. I think I'll force myself as I do when I'm in the throes of a novel and feel stuck or when I haven't written a poem for a while. It's best to write something than nothing.

I've realised I am quite preoccupied with the human mind - how fragile it can be, how it can't always be trusted, how it adapts or fails to adapt. Ellipsis was marketed as a 'psychological thriller' - and I realise just how much now that I wouldn't have been happy with it without 'psychological' being included. Despite it being linked to criminality, being fast-paced overall, wrapped in mystery - I didn't want readers to ignore the elements that also dealt with the human mind.

I suppose every author has their preoccupations. And it seems I have found mine.

What's yours? Who are your favourite authors and what do they seem obsessed with?

Right that's enough from me... Reviews of my latest reads soon!


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