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Thursday, 31 March 2011

How NOT to respond to a bad book review

Hi all,

There's been some recent controversy about this review and response on Twitter. The co-editor of my online mag, streetcake, sent this on to me. It made me laugh a lot!

Read the review of The Greek Seaman by Jacqueline Howett on the Big Al's Books and Pals blog - pay particular attention the the comments below the post. The author gets just a little bit irate...

Also, see the reviewers follow up blog about negative reviews

I'm really glad I didn't do anything like this when people reviewed Ellipsis. I might've been a little upset by a few comments made about my novel but it's best to just take them in your stride, not go on the blog/site and attack the reviewer that's for sure!!! All of it is lessons learned for the next novel, not something to cry yourself to sleep about.

Hope you enjoy the blog posts! It gave me a giggle x

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