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Thursday, 17 March 2011

A hello from Nikki - writing update

I just realised I haven't written anything on here for a month. Not good!

Although, I would love to write something more structured, I have quite a lot going on, so I am just writing a quick update. The main issue is that life just gets in the way - netball, Spanish lessons, writing in snatches, a trip to Birmingham, meeting up with people, illness and work!

I have been desperate to get on with writing the sequel to Ellipsis, with the working title Semblance. I am tantalisingly close to the end. It is currently 80,000 words (5,000 words more than Ellipsis was) and looks set to grow even further. Perhaps editing will cut a little off at the end.

Overall, I am happy with Semblance. I do have a few gripes that I need to fix.

A) Is the first part too slow in pace? Do I need to cut it down? Do the differentiating chapters from the two perspectives work?

B) Are the characters narrating, Richard and Alice, true to the way they were represented in the last novel? Obviously there is more intimate detail here but is it realistic? Also, I don't want Richard's narration to be too similar to Thom's in Ellipsis. Although they are related, I want them to have different voices.

C) Does the ending come too quickly? It seems like I am suddenly at the end and I want to be sure the build up is realistic and gives enough backing for the dramatic ending.

These are things I am sure I will figure out, particularly when I give it to a few select readers to consider. Luckily I know some people in publishing who hopefully will be keen readers and most of all - be honest with me!

One thing I really want for Semblance is much tighter editing. Particularly I want to spot errors and also, some reviewers for Ellipsis mentioned my descriptions as something which hampered the pace of the novel. It didn't seem that I used too much, more that the ones I did use were rather dense and heavy, hence putting them all together in a row made it slower in their eyes. I want to make sure I am even more succinct this time. Although, I do write how I write, and I wouldn't want to alter it too much just because of a few reviews.

Anyway, I am already thinking about my third novel, which I imagine must be a good thing. This must mean I feel like Semblance is doing well, like a child ready to be independent or something... Ideally, I will get back to writing poetry too. Lately, it's been focused mainly on death (not as morbid as it seems, I promise...) and to be fair, there's only so much you can write about that issue!

Any budding writers out there, any tips for editing your novel well? Despite having one novel out there, I still feel I have a lot to learn.

Until next time, hasta luego...


  1. Welcome back nikki and good luck with the writing :-)

  2. Thanks Adam! Good luck with your writing too!



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