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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

wordPLAY event at The Good Ship

Last night, I did my very first reading for Ellipsis, at wordPLAY. It's held at The Good Ship in Kilburn, a suitably quirky pub. Readers were: KATE TEMPEST, HOLLY HOWITT, VILE ELECTRODES, NIA DAVIES, NIKKI DUDLEY, MEGHAN PURVIS

There were some great readings. I particularly enjoyed Meghan Purvis' poetry, which was both amusing and descriptive. Holly Howitt had some innovative flash fiction which was surprising at times. More interesting poetry from Nia Davies, along with a bit of Lily Allen style music from Vile Electrodes. And finally, Kate Tempest stormed the room with some passionate performance poetry (including a 12 minute one!)

All it all, it went pretty well. People were listening to my reading and I got a few compliments after, which was great. Nice audience actually, clapped in all the right places and were supportive to all the acts. Hopefully they liked the sound of Ellipsis and some of them look out for it.

Next event, Brighton Festival OPEN HOUSE on May 1st and 2nd. As some of you may know, Ellipsis is now being published on APRIL 26TH, so this will be my first event after publication! It will hopefully be very exciting and would be good to see some people there. After all, who can resist a day by the sea?

All the best, ND x

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  1. Huzzah! Glad it went well.

    Interesting to see that Meghan Purvis was reading there - she's another of the Norwich bunch and has helped us out at Worlds a few times. Haven't heard her read before though.



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