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Thursday, 18 February 2010

One of my latest poems

Hi all, one of my latest poems if you fancy a read. None of the poems have titles lately. They're part of a collection called exits/origins. I only have two rules; 1) start with something random (i.e.: something overheard, a repeated phrase in my mind, a page in a book, something heard when flicking TV channels etc etc) and 2) don't have a closed ending. I seem to have a tendency to close poems so I've been trying to force myself not to.


“The sky is turning itself
in side, out,”
you said

and the cars were barriers to our escape.

The sky flapped like a (bird) caught in

my mouth tasted like blood

as I looked up to check: turning/ plastic bodies rolling over.

EYE IMAGINE the what are, what are you looking

at stranglers? Please hold my hand.

“It scares me,” you said, flipping an eye shut/ drive towards

Ex- but don’t, please don’t, let the tyres scream

Won’t jump out/hold on

Won’t jump on/hold out

Want to wake up in the darkness and know you’re a life, or is it beating, beating fortune?


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